Social innovation has its ambassadors!

Saturday, June 25
Better future, Planet earth

Impact Journalism Day may be an international alliance of over 55 newspapers but its also an operation that gives us the opportunity to highlight those committed to social entrepreneurship; the men and women who work daily to discover, promote, and support positive initiatives for people and the planet.

Who are they ?

In order to ensure that no social innovation gets lost in the mix, numerous structures have been built up around project leaders to support them, help them get on their way, and increase their impact.

Working at the source, "explorers" are the first in line to identify social entrepreneurs and discover their projects. They give them visibility through videos, photos, or in articles on their content platforms. Alongside entrepreneurs are the "coaches" who work to increase the impact of projects through advice, educational programs, or incubation. They also play an important role in the search for funding.

Finally, international networks are bringing together these two missions and developing a global community of actors that favour large scale projects. They are creating a network of exchange and mutual assistance that surrounds positive innovation to encourage the replication of inspiring initiatives.

An Important Network For Impact Journalism Day

Impact Journalism Day and Sparknews play an important role in this movement by sharing, with the public, the positive innovations identified and supported by the social entrepreneurship community. Join us on June 25th to discover, in more than 55 newspapers, initiatives to build a better world. Discover these ambassadors below!