From Oceania to Asia, 10 media participating in #ImpactJournalism Day.

Monday, May 9
Planet Earth, Asia

The vast Asian and Oceanic continents are home to over a third of the world’s population and diverse cultures and languages. In 2016 these regions will deliver inspiring solutions-based content during Impact Journalism Day on the 25th of June.

The Sun Rises First on IJD in Australia

The first partner to print will be The Sydney Morning Herald, which will be celebrating its first participation in Impact Journalism Day. As the oldest and most respected Australian newspaper, the SMH was an obvious choice for the alliance. The SMH adds 5.3 million readers to IJD and from what we know they are interested in solutions to problems concerning community and family violence.

South East Asia Follows Next

Along with Asahi Shimbun and The Straits Times, which readers have discovered in previous posts, the next high quality papers to see the sun rise in Asia will be in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Phil Star, in the Philippines, has been our partner for two years. Not only does this publication reach over 2.5 million readers every day, but it has a strong corporate social responsibility policy. Last year, their articles touched on some very important solutions to relevant problems: education for the poorest, fluidifying blood donations, and natural alternatives to pesticides. We look forward to reading them again!

Mainland Asia Rises

People in Taiwan will open their China Post and discover the articles this long term partner has chosen to inspire its 400,000 readers. The Post, a leading newspaper in Taiwan and founded in 1952 is also a member of the Asia News Network, an organisation that brings together articles from Asia’s leading media.  

A little later, in mainland China, China Daily, the country’s leading english-language newspaper will share innovative international and local solutions with its 900,000 readers across print and digital platforms who include diplomats, executives, and academics. China Daily is also the founder of the University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, which is supported by the UN Environment Programme and the World Wildlife Fund.

Finally South Asia Welcomes IJD

Many of the South Asian partners that follow are among the founding members of the IJD alliance. Prothom Alo in Bangladesh, a flagship for press freedom and quality journalism has always been dynamic about promoting IJD. Matiur Rahman, the Editor in Chief, once said: "Good news DOES sell; we prove that every year with IJD." They actively promote their own selfie competition every year and their twitter skills are second to none. They even helped their English language sister publication, the Daily Star, join IJD last year, which contributed some of the most original stories of the pool, including the Brave Men Campaign.

India is represented by Times of India, historically engaged in Impact Journalism Day, and more locally in establishing constructive ties with publications across the border in Pakistan. Famous for having launched the Aman ki Asha (Destination Peace) campaign with their Pakistani counterparts Jang Group in 2010. Today we work with both media groups, as the Jang group has confirmed its Urdu and English Language publications will be joining IJD.

Our last partner in Asia is in Afghanistan. Hasht e Sobh, which means 8 A.M. is a well renowned independent newspaper, which won Reporters Without Borders–TV5 Monde Prize in December 2012. We are looking forward to their first participation in IJD, and proud to have found a partner to bring out inspirational stories from Afghanistan. Previously, many Afghan stories had emerged - like the women's cycling team - and for the first time they will be told by local journalists.