5 major media in the world doing Impact Journalism

Friday, April 8
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Discover 5 High Profile Media Partners Participating in IJD 2016

Definition: Impact Journalism is the writing and publishing of articles that increase awareness of tried-and-tested positive solutions for society. This aims to create connections between entrepreneurs and help to strengthen the impact of these innovations.

Do you regularly ask yourself if the news has to be so depressing? Surely some things are going well in the world?

Fifty leading newspapers agree with you and believe that there is a space for all the solutions in the world. This approach to journalism is called solutions journalism, or constructive journalism and, collectively, these newspapers demonstrate the strength of their belief by participating in Impact Journalism Day.

As we write these lines, newspapers on every continent are writing articles about proven, tried and tested solutions to education, food, health, water, and environmental problems along with solutions to specific problems in their countries. On June 25th, they will share these solutions with millions of readers worldwide and have a real impact on readers and the visibility of innovative projects.

To give you an idea of the diversity of newspapers onboard, here’s a quick list of the five largest participating publications.


Le Figaro, France:

First up, Le Figaro, is a French daily founded in 1826. It took the name of a popular pre-revolution fictional character, whose witty phrase 'without the freedom to criticise, there is no true praise’ became the paper’s motto. The publication is the oldest running newspaper in France, with a daily circulation of over 300,000 copies as well as having the most visited news website in the country.

Le Figaro's strategy for IJD has been to set up a dedicated web section, Demain, and continue to post related articles all year long. Le Figaro now has several journalists actively writing about solutions, including Caroline de Malet et Mathilde Golla.

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Die Welt, Germany:

Die Welt is a newcomer to IJD and we are very proud to announce their participation in IJD 2016. Literally “the world,” Die Welt was founded in Hamburg just after the World War II. Today, Die Welt has a circulation of over 180 000 copies and is active in developing alliances for high quality journalism, like LENA (Leading European Newspaper Alliance), in collaboration with le Figaro, Tages Anzeiger, Le Soir, El Pais, La Repubblica and Tribune de Genève or the EDA (European Dailies Alliance) launched in 2001 with the Le Figaro, the Daily Telegraph (UK) and ABC (Spain).

This leading German publication will strengthen the editorial quality and diversity of Impact Journalism Day, and enable the alliance to cover stories from the largest country in Europe.

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Asahi Shimbun, Japan:

Founded in 1879 in Osaka, Asahi Shimbun, which means “Morning Sun Newspaper,” is the world's largest circulated newspaper, with over 6.8 million copies distributed every morning and 2.2 million every evening. The paper is also one of our longest standing partners for IJD and has taken solutions journalism to a new level since embarking on this adventure. Currently, the publication is developing a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and will be welcoming Bill Gates as a guest editor in the coming months.

Takeshi Fujitani, Asahi Shimbun’s Social Media Editor and coordinator of IJD has told Sparknews that “Impact Journalism Day is a way for us to reach a younger generation of readers than we usually would, and develop a strategy for the future.”

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La Nácion, Argentina:

La Nación, our partner in Argentina, is one of the world's most prestigious Spanish language publications. Launched in 1870 by former president Bartolomé Mitre, its daily circulation today reaches more than 160 000 people, making up about a third of the total newspaper sales in the country. The newspaper’s long history makes it a respected institution and it has historically published writing from renowned spanish writers such as Jorge Luis Borges.

As expressed by Carlos Sanzol, Sub-editor and Coordinator of IJD, the biggest challenge for the media today is how to engage readers through digitalised content. We couldn’t agree more, and are developing digital formats to bring IJD into the digital era.

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The Straits Times, Singapore: 

A daily newspaper founded in 1845, The Straits Times is now Singapore’s highest selling newspaper, a member of the Asia News Network, and recently winner of 11 awards at the Asian Digital Media Awards 2015. The newspaper aims to provide “quality news, in-depth analyses, impactful commentaries and breaking stories to give readers riveting accounts of events in Singapore, the region, and beyond.”

Sparknews has been collaborating with The Straits Times for over three years and we regularly consult them on strategic developments for Impact Journalism Day.
In the words of Warren Fernandes, Editor of the Straits Times, "News is about reporting things like it is. Both good and bad. Readers... also want to be uplifted and inspired, to believe things can get better. We at The Straits Times are proud to be a part of the Impact Journalism Day network, and happy to contribute to its efforts."

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