Sharing Solutions Across Borders

Thursday, March 9
All over the world, Sparknews

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down, people expressed their need to connect, to interact with their neighbours and to see what the other side had to offer. In today’s “connected” world walls are being built again, on our borders and in our minds, presented as the solution to some of our most worrying global problem. But by sharing our ideas and solutions we can build bridges and overcome these barriers, inspiring each other and bringing about real change.

While many may see the news media as focusing on what is wrong with our world and societies, it can also highlight the work of people and organisations building solutions that tackle the world’s most pressing issues –climate change, peace-building, access to water, healthcare, education, and many more.

In partnership with 55 leading international newspapers, Sparknews is calling for leaders of innovative and impactful projects worldwide to submit their initiatives for the 5th edition of Impact Journalism Day. The aim is to share your stories with people everywhere in the world, to shine a light on concrete solutions and help us see past the barriers.

Local solutions with a positive global impact

In many countries,  healthcare is far from universal and millions of people still live with no health insurance.  One solution has been trialled in Indonesia where people without health insurance can access medical services in exchange for collecting trash for recycling. This simple and effective idea could be replicated in many other countries.

In communities without access to electricity, storing perishable foods and vital medicines can seem impossible. Yet an ingenious ancestral Moroccan technique already provides an effective solution. A natural, clay-based refrigerator is helping families in Morocco store their perishables without the need for an electricity supply. Many other countries could benefit from this low cost solution.

There are many stories of hope and concrete solutions like these, everywhere in the world. A huge global community of world citizens, trying to serve the same purpose, is working to build the bridges needed to share them.

And for the last 4 years, journalists from all over the world, have explored, shed light on, and shared these amazing solutions.

“Impact Journalism Day enables countries to put into practice solutions found elsewhere in the world, where the same problems are also being confronted” says Emilie Sueur, Editor in Chief from L’Orient le Jour, a Lebanese newspaper and part of the Impact Journalism Day alliance.

Be the next to inspire the world

You must have seen around you ordinary people developing extraordinary initiatives that could make this world a much better place if they were replicated widely. Now is the time to shed light on these initiatives. Be part of the story and share your project on

Learn more about Impact Journalism Day

For the last 4 years, 55 newspapers from 50 countries have worked together, to publish, on the same day, in a special supplement, 60 stories about solutions that tackle the most pressing global issues, reaching 120 million people worldwide on print and digital. Since then, 350 projects have been published in prestigious newsmedia such as Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Le Figaro (France), La Nacion (Argentina), L’Economiste du Maroc (Morocco), The Daily Star (Bangladesh), El Pais (Spain), and many more.