“We are so different with similar problems / Let’s share the solutions, let’s make them travel!”

Saturday, June 16
Worldwide, Worldwide

In the pop video An entire story, the collective Team Spi Rythm invites everyone to take the topics that touches us and to make the solutions travel. Within 10 days, those artists from 7 different nationalities have unite their voices, their culture and their talent to highlight the optimistic mouvement of the Impact Journalism Day.

And what if we sing the Impact Journalism Day ?

The 16th of June, l’Impact Journalism Day will come back for its 6th edition. More than 50 newspapers take their pen every year to write the stories of unknown women and men who innovate to find local solutions to global issues. The medias are not the only ones to put pen to paper. Everybody has the power to share the initiatives that inspire us. Those that contribute to making our neighborhoods more resilient and greener, and that reinvente our ways of moving, managing, working, consuming, investing our money, etc. This video, which has a particular genre, invites the readers to discover 60 projects with social or environmental impact from all over the world for the Impact Journalism Day.

Using art as universal language

Sparknews is very happy for having work with those artists, who share the same values: genuineness, optimism, commitment and collaboration. Born in the association Singa, an international citizen movement aiming to create bonds between refugees and their host society , this collective groups 8 nationalities: from Canada to Mongolia, including France, Guinea, Iran, Russia, Syria and Chad. In concerts, compositions or studios, those artists create and show that art can be an universal language. You can discover below an extract of their show Libertime, combining music, theater, painting and poetry.

Optimistic or pessimistic, what is important is what we’re doing, so we wield our pen, put it in the ink to be authors of our history".

In the artistic project  An entire story, 9 artists worked together to carry the message: Haytham, a Syrian poet, Yuos a Polish singer,Thibaut, a French beat-boxer and slammer,Mandaakh, a Mongolian singer, Maïa, a Franco-Japanese singer, Silvio, a Franco-Italian editor, Omar, a Syrian lyric singer, Abel for the sound and Teimpo as musician.

To nurture this work, the using of the splendid images of the movie: HUMAN has been kindly offered by Fondation GoodPlanet and Fondation Bettencourt Schueller .

Discover other works from the collective and join us for the Impact Journalism Day to celebrate the solutions that answered to important global challenges of our world