What is Impact Journalism Day?

Wednesday, May 17
Worldwide, Everywhere !

Impact Journalism Day is a catalyst for change

With more than 50 newspapers publishing, on the same day, stories of change-makers who tackle the world’s most pressing issues, Impact Journalism Day is the proof that a different narrative is possible in the media.

Beyond the constant stream of negative news, solutions journalism, is being adopted by more and more newsrooms as an innovative approach to also bring stories of change to the surface.

Sometimes misleadingly called positive news, solutions journalism is characterised by a rigorous and compelling reporting on responses to social and environmental problems.

Since 2012, Impact Journalism Day has harnessed the power of collaborative journalism to raise awareness on global challenges and help highlight concrete and tested solutions around the world. Each serves as an engaging example of the power of individuals or group initiatives to help reach the UN New Sustainable Development Goals, to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity and good health for all.

Followed by more than 100 million readers every year, Impact Journalism Day isn’t just about positive projects, it is about people who change the world and can inspire others to do the same.