Since 2013, Sparknews has brought together an alliance of 50 newspapers committed to solutions journalism.
El Comercio - Peru
286,000 readers
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Jaime Bedoya Garcia Montero
IJD cordinator

Peru is the third most affected country in the world by the effects of climate change.
At the same time, it registers poverty rates that are over 20%.
This makes innovation, both in the environmental and social domains, be not just an alternative, but an obligation.
That is reason enough for El Comercio to decidedly come on board of the network of the 50 leading newspapers in the world that Sparknews has brought together through Impact Journalism Day.
Thus, it is imperative to participate on the journalistic celebration of the urgent need for innovation in our planet.
Bringing awareness on innovation as a development tool is a mission of contemporary journalism. Understanding this task as the one that proposes real and structured solutions to the daily issues that overwhelm us day by day.
It is with enthusiasm and optimism that El Comercio takes part in the next Impact Journalism Day.