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Kommersant - Russia
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Aleksey Shapovalov

"Our world lives in a permanent crisis: it’s not only about economic problems, but also about social and environmental impact. Media usually focus on the crisis grounds and consequents as such information attracts more audience attention. However they typically overlook problem solutions as it supposes meticulous and unnoticed work. Nevertheless solutions are important for people who feel escalation of tensions as well as for those who survived personal crisis.
All this inevitably leads to debate on specific ways of problem solution and crucially how to avoid reoccurrence. It is perhaps the most exciting and encouraging today’s discussion. Conscious attempt to join this discussion allows you to witness change in the ideology of global development and a developing of the new economic and social dimension. In Russia we also witness birth and strengthening of a new entrepreneurial class which is based on involvement, innovation, transparency, confidence, empathy and generosity. Practical experience of these people not only helps to give valuable knowledge to other but also motivates them. If society lacks open­access information about solutions, our aim is to reply this request and to become part of IJD. We work every day on what will be important tomorrow."