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“Reaping the fog” : Drinking water collected from fog

Fatiha Nakhli

For the first time in North Africa, a new flagship project is collecting mist of water and access to safe drinking water to the entire population.

The fog sensing principle is a technique that uses a special net stretched between two poles and catches the water droplets in the fog. With the wind pushing the fog and crosses the net, it condenses and falls into a container placed below the unit.

The site where the nets are built for this first flagship project entitled "Reaping the fog" is located in the mountains of Ait Boutmezguida Morocco, 1225 m altitude. This unique project was initiated by the Association Dar If Hmad for development, education and culture, and it benefits approximately 400 people living in this village.

The experimental period was spread over almost five years. The amount of water collected was measured daily. After 5 years of observation, the NGO Dar Si Hmad got the second best world result after Oman with 10.5 l / m2 per day.

Rural women on the other hand, received training on the use of phones in order to ensure regular reporting on the operation of the distribution system and via SMS and phone calls. It appears from the findings of studies conducted by evaluating the water delivery impact in households, as women feel more relieved. At the same time, there are fewer natural degradation and fewer diseases transmitted by water.